ABC’s Of Death – Red Meat Cancer Risk

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Red meat cancer risk – The ABC’s of death

Alcohol Bacon Cigarettes

The World Health Organisation is poised to declare war on red meat, bacon, sausages and other processed meats that cause cancer as it’s “probably carcinogenic to humans”

Let me start out by saying, I love BBQ!

A Sunday morning without bacon and eggs is like Saturday night without beer!

Oh shit!!!

I just realised I’m royally screwed as my bacon will be at the same level of risk as Alcohol!!

Well at least I don’t smoke.

Oh Crap!!!!

I smoke meat!!!

BBQ Pork Cutlets
BBQ Pork Cutlets

Surely eating processed meat can’t possibly be the same as sucking back a cigarette can it. According to the World Cancer Research Fund, there is powerful evidence that chomping down processed and red meat escalates the risk of bowel cancer. A sentiment echoed by The British National Health Service when they released the following statement “People who eat a lot of these meats are at higher risk of bowel cancer than those who eat small amounts”.

Its not all doom and gloom however, as there are still significant benefits to eating meats like lamb, beef and pork as as they are all “a good source of protein providing vitamins and minerals, such as iron and zinc” as long as you consume modestly as part of a healthy diet.

I for one will keep living my BBQ life dangerously!!!



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