BBQ Brush of Death

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Don’t be a Wally!

This is a Public Health Warning for all you BBQ bosses out there

BBQ Brush with Death

Wire Brush Cleaning Can Kill

Holy crap! How many times have you cleaned your BBQ Grill will a steel brush!!!!

Picture this, you’re sitting down to a lovely morning BBQ, meat sizzling away on the Grill and all is right in the world… WRONG!

Gladston Woman Nicky Conza found herself in urgent need of surgery earlier in the year after finding a piece of wire lodged firmly in her oesophagus after accidently consuming it along with her BBQ grilled chicken.

Mrs Conza said she felt a sharp pain immediately after eating some BBQ chicken leftovers from her barbecue at home in Gladstone stating…

“I thought it might have been a chicken bone and I tried drinking olive oil and bread to dislodge it”.

“Three hours later, I said to my husband: ‘We’d better go to the hospital’. It was still sore when I kept swallowing.”

X-rays undertaken at Gladstone Hospital revealed the offending bristle firmly seated in her windpipe, resulting in Mrs Conza immediate extraction flight to Brisbane to have the wire surgically removed by ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr Rob Hodge.

Dr Rob Hodge believed that she could have developed an infection and died if she had not sought urgent treatment as the offending bristle had actually pierced her oesophagus.

More disturbingly upon review of the ear nose and throat registrar Mrs Conza’s is not alone with another case involving wire from a barbecue brush being registered in the past few months indicating poor quality barbecue cleaning instruments may be out in the market.

Moral of the story

Don’t be cheap! buy good quality BBQ Gear!


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