Confessions of a BBQAHOLIC

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I am BBQ Like A Boss and I am a BBQAHOLIC

If you know me it’s no secret that I’m a self-confessed bbqaholic, in fact it’s so bad for me that when I’m not actually bbqing myself I’m frequently found wandering BBQ competitions, checking out retail BBQ chains or discussing the pros and cons of bbqing with random strangers (most of whom are not really interested).

BBQAHOLIC’s love their bbq’s big


But it’s getting worse the more I BBQ, I’m trading sleep for evenings of trawling the net for my nightly audio-visual BBQ hit.

Ah the internet… it might as well be called BBQNET for me…

To start I have a keyboard with only 2 keys on it, yep you guessed it B & Q (B.B.Q). Google will now only search for bbq related search terms and only ever delivers ads that have bbq’s or bbq related accessories in them. Don’t feel sorry for me though as it’s actually awesome for a bbqaholic, the “BBQNET” is where I share my passion with others, I have a plethora of BBQ Social networks, chatrooms and hangouts to keep me off the streets, let me see… There’s my website for BBQ Like A Boss

I am building a conglomerate of Facebook fans and networking with other bbq addicts via a mix of their pages and social communities.

I Pin to my heart’s content about all things bbq. Smokers and grills, bbq essentials through to accessories and a myriad of bqq treats facts tips, hints and figures, nothing is off-limits.

I cant help but instantly share my Photos, videos and social narratives for the BBQ world to devour.

Micro-blogging my BBQ fixations through posts of multimedia and other content to my short-form blog

A Bird Bird Bird BBQ Bird is the word!! Like a preacher purched on a PIT I tweet about low and slow, follow and engage with bbq boozers and passionately push the twittersphere to spread the BBQ word.

Talk about getting tubed in bbq barrels of audio-visual delight, I watch, listen and learn from any and all cultures. As you can imagine this leads me to some pretty cool dudes in really divers geographic setting!

Ah google thou art BBQ worthy

Half of my BBQ brethren don’t even speak the same language as me but that’s cool, it’s about the ride man! After all were all out to catch BBQ Barrels.

You Don’t Make Friends With Salad!


I am BBQ Like A Boss and I am a BBQAHOLIC



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