Burger Kings Black Zombie Burger

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Don’t eat it if it looks funky, well that’s what mum always says right? Wrong!

Burger Kings new ‘dark funky burger’ is creating a mass of publicity as it rolls into the Japanese market aboard a ‘storm cloud’ of dark delight.

Looking like what can only be described as the Zombie equivalent of a Whopper with cheese the Kuro Burger or “black burger” as it is commonly known is thrilling Japanese diners as it casts its dark arts spell on diners taste buds.


So what the hell is it?

A burger shrouded in dark Onyx-coloured buns (made black by smoking them with black bamboo charcoal) containing all of the usual suspects + a dark tar like oily black cheese that challenges your optic nerve but delights the taste centres (it reminds me of that black goo in Spiderman 3).

There are two versions to tempt your soul.

• One contains a burger mix dusted with black pepper (¥480)
• The second with added tomato, onion, lettuce and a drizzle of mayonnaise. (¥690).

My minion’s report that each burger comes complete with a distinctive tangy sauce called Shalyapin which is a derivative of steak marinated covered in a minced onion and miring sauce (and of course made black with squid Ink!!). The Spell will not last however as this Black Beauty is only available across Burger King branches in Japan until November.

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Burger King Black Burger


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