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The sun was truly shining from 15 year old Tyler Barlow’s BBQ when he decided to try a little home chemistry on his unsuspecting bbq. Supervised by two lab coat wearing adults Tyler combining nothing more than Rust (also known as red iron oxide powder) with Aluminium (also known as aluminum powder) to create thermite which when heated spawns an exothermic reaction generating temperatures greater than 6000 degrees Fahrenheit (or 3315 degrees Celsius).

For the Eintein’s reading here is the equation

Fe2O3 + 3A1 = 2Fe + Al2O3

For his entrée Tyler assassinated two unsuspecting pots, (and I must say they didn’t stand a chance).

But this was just the beginning…

For his main Tyler loaded the rest of the thermite on top of the grill and BOOM the resulting fireworks display demolished the bbq as it swiftly melted through the grills hood and set much of the surrounding grass alight.

Boss’s Final Thought

“If only all bbq’s could meet an end as spectacular as this one”

Most poor bbq’s are unceremoniously abandoned by the side of the road awaiting council clean-up

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