Food Fighters: Toy Soldier Party Picks to slaughter any BBQ

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Food fighters are here to save your barbecue!


Well that’s what your mother alway said.

Well now you can tell her that its for the greater good of the barbecue. As your sausages wage war against dads steak or your brothers brisket you can rest easy firm in the knowledge that your grill is well protected by these little guys. This super cool platoon is brought to you by Fred and Friends and stand ready to wage war atop your favourite cut of meat (upon serving that is).

Food Fighters will turn any BBQ into an adventure and will most assuredly deliver smiles to the table every time they go to battle.

Food Fighters are here to save your Barbecue.

food fighters
Platoon of Food Fighters
Food Fighters
Food Fighters ensure every BBQ is full of action
Food Fighters
Food Fighter teams can battle for the steak

  Fast Facts about this bodacious bag of ferocious plastic polymers
  • 12 soldiers ready to fight in each pack
  • They are rugged, reusable food-safe and hand wash only
  • Packed in reusable zipper close storage bag
  • Fun and easy to use

Buy them Here I have ordered some and will take them for a test run myself (Stay Tuned)




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