Get a Grip – These Gecko Grip Gloves are Boss

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G’day BBQ Bosses

Last weekend I had a ball bbqing a delicious beer can chicken, All was running to plan until I removed the juicy bird from the heat and attempted to extract the beer can from the bok bok’s butt using only a heat-resistant water proof mitt and a bbq fork. As you can imagine this was a rather challenging exercise as not only was the bird hot as hell but it was also a slippery little sucker.

I also had to deal with a ¼ can filled with steaming hot beer which refused to come out of the birds pucker. Anyway this comedy of errors lead me to pose the question… What gloves are on the market that will allow me to better manage my hot and often slippery bbq delectables???

Well I’m happy to report that whilst there are a number of variations to the theme out there (I will show you some of the best in another post) here is one which I think is really Boss.

Introducing the Gecko Grip Glove!

Handy Gecko Grip Gloves
Gecko Grip Gloves 2
Great addition to any bosses kit











Available in a compote of colours (9 to be exact) these gloves are really pretty awesome. Gecko Grip Gloves position themselves as the best silicone heat-resistant grilling BBQ glove set on the market with a particular focus on handling high temperature foods.

What is particularly boss is that these gloves are actually G.L.O.V.E.S! Complete with 10 Gecko Grip approved textured fingers these hand holders ensure that it is far safer and indeed easier to handle hot food than the good old traditional mitt style gloves. I am going to get a pair for a test run so I will provide a formal test review with some video at a later date – so stay tuned.

Grab a pair for yourself

Boss Features

  • Gecko Grip Glove has Raised Texture – No Slip – Flexible
  • 100% Water Proof – Hot Liquids Can’t Reach Your Skin – Grab Food in boiling water – handle juicy meats –
  • pull pork and chicken with ease and comfort
  • Easy Cleaning Inside and Out place the gloves in the dishwasher or wash with your dishes dries inside and out
  • No inner mold and smell like other glove
  • 2 Glove Set Use Both Hands for More Secure Balance Quick and Easy On and Off

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