Glued Meat Is A Sticky Subject

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Its a nasty piece of work i can tell you, as a budding BBQ Boss i want to work with the best quality meat 100% of the time and i was not aware that this stuff even existed!

Meat glue comes in a number of forms, one from cultivating bacteria with the others originating from the coagulant that makes blood clot. All a dodgy butcher has to do is sprinkle some glue into a mix of offcuts, roll it in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 6 hours. Its used on all forms of meat, fish and chicken and leaves unwary consumers  open to consuming a tainted product (as it looks like normal meat).

This is most definitely NOT BOSS!!!


Once you glue meat together it is really hard to cook the edges of each piece that has been stuck together !

Make sure your butcher is using 100% real meat 

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Is Your Butcher Using Meat Glue?


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