Grill like a Boss with Stainless Steel Grilling Utensils – Pieces

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So anyway im thinking about getting a new set of BBQ tools and came across Grill King and their King Stainless Steel Grilling Utensil Set, 11-Piece.

Why I think its boss

  • To begin with its stainless steel or as they put it durable stainless steel tool construction withstands frequent use (Gotta love Stainless Steel)
  • The Grill set includes a stack of tools (11 in total):
    – A spatula
    – Grill tongs
    – Basting brush
    – Grill fork
    – 4 corn holders
    – 2 kebab skewers
  • Comes in a nylon carrying case
  • Great to use in any occasion with your charcoal or gas grill
  • All barbecue tools are dishwasher safe (which is always a bonus as i hate washing up in a sink)
  • Nylon carrying case keeps your tools clean and organized (not all that boss in my opinion but functional)

All in all for the price point its Boss!


11 pieces of bbq steel Brushing & Basting Flippen out functional design off the sholder Stainless Steel Spikes






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