Hot Rod Eskypade

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I have found one of the most Boss esky’s on the planet.

Its Boss factor does not come from its sturdy construction or its ability to keep your beer colder for longer but because ITS ALSO YOUR RIDE MAN!!!

This bad boy Boasts a 50 cc engine and a 2 speed gearbox and will get you to where you need to be, but watch out…

As you rip down to your mates place for an afternoon of bbqing and beverages make sure you’re licensed and that you leave your hot rod chilly bin at the party when your plied with ale or you may just end up in the clink as one young Aussie found out when he Blew a whopping .160 – three times the legal limit and was done for both drink driving and driving without a licence.

The Judges Fine of $500 and immediate disqualification for 10 months seems pretty steep to me but hey he could have put someone on ice if he had hit them (and yep that’s a dad joke).

Here is Chris’s story

But he is not the only one – This has happened to others

But wait there’s more

You may not be able to outrun the law but you can join the highly competitive sport of ESKY RACING!!!!.

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