Meatspace – The Lamb Chop Astronaut

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An English Artist and a budding novelist have posted video of a tandoori lamb chop that is out of this world


Nick Hearne and Nikesh Shukla when to extremes when they skewered a lamb chop with a fork in East London’s famous Tayyabs restaurant then drove it to a waiting helium balloon where a video camera filed its lofty rise to fame.

Rising 1000 feet per minute for 95 minutes the little lamb pilot took lamb to a place that no sheep has gone before (all confirmed via GPS to the ground crew).

The flight of fancy ended however when the balloon finally burst as it maxed out at a whopping 32,000 feet (25,000 meters) with the delicious footing being lost for five months until an expecting farmer happened upon the remains in Dorset only to discover the 100 minutes of lamb packed celestial footage.

The video was filmed to promote Nikesh Shukla’s novel Meatspace.

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