Public warning on portable butane ‘lunchbox’ cookers

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Recall Alert

If your using these little buggers for a camping stove look out!!!

NSW Department of Fair trading warning here for your reference


Here is a demonstration of what can go wrong!

portable butane burner,boom
BOOM !!!


Portable Butane Cookers (currently suspended)

Model name

Model number

Home Essentials BDZ-168
Home Essentials BDZ-163S
Red Stone N/A
Bai Hui Portable Camping Stove N/A
My Collection N/A
Five Star MS-2000
Gasmate Plus MS-2000
Gasmate BC1080
Gasmaster BC1080
Jumbuck BC1080
Jackeroo BC1080
Excalibur BC1080
Gasmate PC1070
Gasmate PC2080
Campmaster CM2200S
Campmaster CM2250
Oztrail OZ2160
Campmaster CM2270
Auscrown AD90
Adventuridge 509245
Companion COMP523
House Brand 509245
Kookaburra ST0990
Primus 2240
Primus 2271
Primus TLB-102L
Red Desert 509230
Spinifex 7027612
Spinifex 90024574
Jackeroo PL-121








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2 Responses

  1. Peter K

    These stoves are safe, if properly used.
    I’ve been using them for years without any hick-up or dangerous
    For every device there is a way for improper use, and the consequences if it goes south are quite severe. (Just like driving a sportcar full speed into a concrete wall to check the airbags)
    In the Netherlands these stove’s were banned from a discount mart group due to a what i call mood creating journalism.
    At first, it’s an OUTDOOR!! stove! Although it’s small and easy to use and ass-cheap, don’t bring in in the house!
    Caterers have been using them for stone- and saltblock grilling in an indoor setting en a few exploded within 15 minutes.
    So, what happened?
    The gascan has been devided on the side from the burner to let the radiated heat from the burnerside dissipate and leave the temperature of the gascan ambient.
    The cookingsquare is about 20×20 cm, and will fit most outdoor pans.
    Bigger pans, griddle’s and stone- or saltblocks however, and that is were it goes wrong, will radiate the heat from the bottom of the heated surface to the top of the stove were the gascan is located.
    The complete stove will heat up and the gascan will reach bursting pressure and result in a “BLEVE” (boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion)
    Remember, you’re playing with fire, Darwin is still sifting out the idiots, and Murphy is still his dedicated assistent.

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