Reidel Boa Decanter

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Wow this is the coolest decanter I have ever seen!!!

I love the graceful sleek design that seems to effortlessly flow from the table itself. A 2013 design from Maximilian Riedel the Boa decanter was released to celebrate the Chinese year of the Snake (2013).

Stepping away from the more traditional designs synonymous with standard decanters the lustrous decanters design takes Riedel to a whole new level of awesome. The rolling coils essentially wrap your wine in two arching circles creating a double decanting opening up the wine almost instantly. Oxygen and style combine as you decanter ensuring all flavours and bouquets of your wines are activated.

–        Height, 13 3/4″ Capacity, 69oz
–        Mouth-blown and hand-made by skilled artisans
–        Lead crystal adds clarity and brilliance
–        Unique and elegant shape
–        Retails at $445

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