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Listen To Frank From Sausage Party This Barbecue Season.

Absolutely Rated “R” Sausage Party is sure to be a risky comedic hit this season. The Sony Pictures Teaser tackles the dangers of July Fourth barbecues, not to humans but the food we are grilling!

This 4th of July – Don’t forget that “grills kill”.

Frank is lobbying for the Sausage Party, directly addressing a highly personal issue for him once he learns the horrific reality about what occurs to groceries when purchased from the supermarket or Grocery store. Frank states “Hi, I’m Frank, and in the time it took me to say, ‘Hi, I’m Frank,’ over two million of my friends will have expired from these unnatural causes – all because of you and your insatiable hunger for killing,”

Co-Directed by Conrad Vernon alongside director Greg Tiernan, Sausage Party follows a story written by Seth Rogen and his associate Evan Goldberg.

Supported by a stellar cast of food friendly voice-over talent the Notable Cast include:

Seth Rogan

Seth Rogen is well known as a talented actor, comedian and writer in Hollywood with a list of successes longer than your arm. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia Seth Rogen has made a name for himself in Hollywood for many great roles in movies. He is no stranger to animated films either having played Mantis in all of the Kung Fu Panda Films. Seth Rogen plays the lead of Frank in Sausage Party.

Kristen Wiig

New York Born Kristen Wiig who you may recall recently flew to mars alongside Matt Damon in The Martian. Wiig is no stranger to voice-over work having voiced Ruffnut Thurston in the widely popular How to train your dragon movie series and also voiced Lucy in despicable Me movie series.

James Franco

One of the business actors in Hollywood Californian Born James Franco has worked with Seth Rogen on multiple occasions in films such as Pineapple express and has also voiced roles such as the Fox in The Little Prince.

Paul Rudd

New Jersey Born and most recently know as Ant Man Star Paul Ruddalso is no stranger to Voice-over having worked on Monsters V’s Aliens and like James Franco also worked on The Little Prince when he voiced Mr Prince.

Salma Hayek

Mexican Born and arguably one of Hollywood’s most dazzling leading actresses Salma Hayek has voice-over talent to spare having voiced Kitty Softpaws in the highly successful Puss in Boots. Salma Hayek plays Teresa Taco on this occasion.

Jonah Hill

Los Angeles born Jonah Hill has a long line of successful films, his most notable voice-over was Snotlout Jorgenson in How to train your dragon. Jonah Hill plays Carl.

Edward Norton

Born in Boston, Massachusetts this iconic actor has stared in films such as fight club, American History X and the Hulk and lends himself to the voice of Sammy Bagel Jr.

Bill Hader

Born Oklahoma Bill Hader is massively known for animated movie voices, having successfully played Flint lockwood in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, the voice of Fear in the massively successful Inside Out, the voice of Leonard in Angry Birds and the voice of Husband fish in Finding Dory to name a few, Bill Hader plays Guacamole / Firewater.

Michael Cera

Canadian actor Michael Cera was born in Brampton and has a host of movies under his belt. In addition to voicing Barry in Sausage Party Micahel Cera will also soon be the voice in Robin in the next Lego movie

Check out the RATED R – Official Trailer Below (Just make sure your ready for some raw food graphics that as one Twinkie in the film says “Will F$#k you up for life”

Sausage Party hit theaters August the 12th 2016

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