Shocking Bristle Stabs Barbeque Boss

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Well it’s happened again! A stray wire bristle has been set loose on a poor unsuspecting BBQ Boss.

In what is becoming an all to familiar story a random bristle from a standard BBQ brush has come loose and found its way into the mouth of an unsuspecting bbq enthusiast (this time in the home of low and slow Texas).

I have reported this before (Click To See BBQ Brush With Death), and in my mind its an all to frequent occurence that can be avoided by following a few simple safety steps.

BBQ Like A Boss Recommends

1) Buy a good quality brush (cheaper is not better here guys).

2) Throw out old worn brushes (especially ones with melted base plates or bent bristles).

3) Keep your brush clean when not using it and store it in a dry place after cleaning (don’t leave it out in the elements).

4) Inspect the brush prior to every use to see if there are any loose or broken bristles.

5) Inspect the grill surface once you have finished brushing to ensure there are no bristles left behind (this one is the most important).


If your like this BBQ Boss you will steer away from Brushes all together. I use a Grill Stone and it works a treat.

Get your GrillStone Grill Cleaner Starter Set, with Handle and Two Blocks here

Here is the shocking video!

ABC US News | World News

Still feel like living dangerously!

Stay tuned for a special post on BBQ Grill cleaning methods – Coming Soon.

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BBQ Brush Claims another BBQ Boss!









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