This Is The Coolest Cooler I Have Ever Seen!

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How Boss is this cooler

The coolest cooler is a kickstarter product so it’s not openly available to the market but you can jump on it early as a kickstarter if your in the USA.

Why do I think its Boss?

Well it’s a complete rethink and redesign of a traditional cooler, Ryan Grepper (the man behind the Coolest Cooler) believes that traditional coolers are boring, easily broken and difficult to manoeuvre, so he set out to correct everything.

In a nut shell – The coolest redefines what it is to be a cool cooler (yes I know that sounds weird).

Coolest Cooler Is Boss


Loaded with Boss features…

• Bottle Opener – Well to be honest this is expected if I am calling it boss
• 18 volt rechargeable Battery – To run all the cool electrical stuff
• An awesome blender – To be fare any blender on the go is awesome but how cool is it that you can make cocktails and smoothies anywhere and everywhere you go
• Music – Removable blue tooth speaker which connects to any smartphone so you can bring the beats with you.
• Waterproof USB Charger – Never go flat again, simply charge up your phone or camera battery on the go
• Waterproof LED Lights imbedded in the Lid – 24hr cook out / BBQ Party anyone
• Gear Tie Town – lock down bungee cables so you can stow and transport your gear
• Storage for reusable plates, cutting board and ceramic knife
• Extra wide wheels with grip – this is cool, my current coolers wheels are tiny and would get bogged on a cricket pitch
• Removable Divider – Increasing flexibility drinks on one side food dry on the other (say goodbye to soggy food)
The only thing missing from this thing is a flux capacitor.

Check it out on kickstarter of their website

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