Water Powered Rotisserie – Friggen BBQ BOSS

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Water Powered Rotisserie – The pure definition of cool!

Nothing impresses me more than a great invention, especially when its applied to a barbecuing.

This magnificently constructed BBQ marvel ooses Bossness and should be hailed for its ingenious design and thought-provoking uniqueness.


old school innovation + modern mans fishing trip


One Ingenious Water Powered Rotisserie



This is so easy to create as well, it would be so relaxing as you sipped your river cooled beers to the dueling sounds of A cracking fire and the running stream.

Simply put a load of timber on a basket raised above the water level of a slow-moving stream, place a basic V stand rotisserie complete with custom designed paddles as your power source, load on your meat and POW – there you have a water powered rotisserie built to work in unison with its surroundings. Oh and as an added bonus, it’s really easy to wash your hands during sampling.

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