What is a Karubecue

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Ever Heard Of A Karubecue

According to its creator Bill Karau the Karubecue is a small, one of a kind one man operation.

In short its a smoker that’s … low ‘n slow … Texas mesquite.

A PIT that consists of 3 primary parts

1) The Firebox

2) The Control Box

3) The Cook Box

Karubecue has some pretty big fans as well!!

  • AmazingRibs.com’s “Favorite Backyard Smoker”: “The amazing KBQ is the most innovative smoker in the world. The quality of meat from this machine is astonishing.”
  • Winner of Hearth & Home’s 2016 Vesta Award for Innovation; cited by three James Beard Foundation Award winners.
  • Burns REAL WOOD, not refined gases, electric heat, or pre-pyrolyzed or reconstituted fuels, which are chosen for their ease-of-control and in spite of their aromatic inferiority.
  • The C-60’s Inverted Flame™ Firebox makes thin blue smoke automatically, and its AutoDraft™ Controller maintains temperature automatically.
  • Invented, designed, and made in Texas by a veteran USN submariner. Laser-cut, stainless steel construction throughout.

It’s not:

  • A grill
  • The act of grilling
  • Food that has been grilled
  • A get-together that involves a grill

At the time of writing this the owner/designer Bill Karau still makes these one of a kind smokers out of his garage, so availability is very limited. With that said he is exploring manufacturing opportunities with large, established BBQ manufacturing companies with a view to one day mass producing the Karubecue at a lower price point.

One of their first customers even wrote a song about the Karubecue

If your keen for one go via the BBQ Like A Boss Shop and check them out Click Here- Karubecue

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